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Client Case Studies

Market Sizing & Business Excel Modeling

HPG constructed an end-to-end revenue model for a client within the youth sports industry.

Data Analytics & Visualization

HPG built a dashboard to help a talent acquisition client visualize the talent market using data from APIs/automated web crawling.

Web Scraping & Process Automation

HPG assisted a client automate the process of data collection for an events catalog using web-scrapers.

Database Construction and Management

HPG assisted an executive recruiter map out a proprietary database schema with a focus on scale.

Competitor & Pricing Analysis

HPG analyzed data of various Maryland wineries to generate a pricing model for a client launching a new vineyard.

Financial Valuation & Modeling

HPG constructed discounted cash flow valuation model for a dental clinic considering a sale process.

Business Presentations & Investor Decks

HPG assisted an early stage startup on pitch deck creation and crafting the company’s story for venture capital fundraising.

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