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Leveling the playing field for small business.

What we do

We are a strategic consultancy that provides your business and management team:

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Problem Solvers
Sounding Boards
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Helping Hands

Who we serve

Passion Businesses - Companies and side hustles based on hobbies, niche interests, or unique skills built out of personal passion.
Family-Owned Enterprises - Local and community focused small businesses that are built by multiple generations of family and friends.
Early Stage Innovators - Entrepreneurial and bold ventures that are disrupting industries looking to expand in a rapid and scalable way. 

What we believe in

Thought Diversity

Our team takes pride in the diversity of skills, professional experience, and backgrounds we bring that provide a unique perspective to your business. 

Personal Attention

Our team believes business is personal. Listening and maintaining relationships when working with clients is of the utmost importance.

Show not Tell Mindset

Our team is committed to demonstrating our skills, providing visuals and samples, and collecting your feedback rather than simply telling you what we think. 

Our Services

Web Scraping & Data Acquisition

Handy Point Group can build automate web scrapers to collect data from websites or social media websites that are customer tailored to your specific business use case. We compile the results into user-friendly databases and integrate the data to whatever existing processes you have or want.

Corporate Strategy & Business Planning

Handy Point Group provides business operations analysis, competitor research, and human capital assessment to create a top-down sustainable business plan based on data and information provided by your business. As a third-party, HPG provides a bird's eye evaluation of your business to guide your future business decisions.

Quantitative Research & Data Analysis

Handy Point Group uses modern computer programming methods and statistical software for data compilation and developing data-driven insights regarding your customers, business operations, finances, and/or competition. Whatever data you have or want, no matter how messy, HPG helps clean it up and generate insights to guide business decisions. 

API Development and Automation

Handy Point Group can help you develop an MVP ("minimum viable product") for a new idea or integrate your business with technology you already use through an API. If you use a technology service for your business, we can integrate with their systems to automate workflows, data reporting, and save you time. This can include end-to-end automation for social media engagement, automated marketing, and real-time data ingestion/processing.

Financial Modeling & Valuation

Handy Point Group organizes financial data to create historical and projection models for business planning and business valuation. This service includes investor and prospective buyer presentations for valuation and financial performance outlook. HPG provides dynamic, well-documented, easy-to-use financial models for you to monitor and plan your business.

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